More Connections, More Meetings, More Deals

Scan LinkedIn profiles & Create highly personalized messaging, designed for sales professional, recruiters, and anyone looking to thrive on LinkedIn. Unlock the potential to make meaningful connections and close more deals more effectively with SocialScanner

The Benefits

Save Hundreds of Hours

For every profile you scan with SocialScanner, you save an average of 12 minutes!
100 personalized connection requests means 20 hours of productivity!


No Login required means
no risk to
your accounts!

All features access by
easy-to-use chrome extension!

Personalized Approach

Create personalized messages that resonate with your target.
Personalized messages are 10x more likely to receive a response and move through the sales funnel.

Unique Features

Connection Request

Generate a personalized connection request that's proven to built rapport in just seconds.


Extremely tailored follow-up messages that can be generated and sent with minimal effort.

Relight Convo

Relight conversations to get them to the next stage of your sales process with just one click.


Operate entirely through the use of the SocialScanner Chrome extension, removing any account risks.

our clients love us

I have been using this extension for about a month and as a sales person in the crypto industry, I have to connect with several prospects. This AI helped me to create appropriate messages for me to send to prospects and helped me schedule more calls during the month. If you’re a person and looking for such AI, that helps you to start the best conversations with your prospects, this is the best tool i have ever come across.



Exactly what i needed as a salesperson. My day would usually be me going onto LinkedIn and looking through a person’s profile to come up with a customer message to connect. This would take between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the profile and whether i get distracted. This extension does that in 10-30 seconds! Simply Incredible.



Since using SocialScanner I have had so much more time to focus on other important tasks. It’s all about making the best first impression you can or you may lose that potential connection forever. Usually it would take hours to research information about multiple people in order to send a personalized message, but with SocialScanner this can be achieved instantly and at such a low price.